Dust Control Options


Dust from unpaved areas can cause many problems such as health hazards, crop damage, vehicle wear and tear, and loss of road surface.

Trying to control the dust helps to provide safety on and around the roads. 

MAG is extremely effective and safe to use.

It helps to make the unpaved surfaces harder, and more compact, help reduces erosion and prevent risk of uneven surfaces.


What is Mag Flake?

How Much Do I Use?

Are There Any Restrictions?

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Features How to Apply Application Rates
  • Fact acting
  • Safe to handle
  • Safe around vegetation, pets and farm animals.
  • Significantly reduces dust conditions
Any typical fertilizer spreader will work for MAG Flake
  • Once MAG Flake is open and in a spreader, it must be applied right away.
  • It will start to absorb moisture and convert to a liquid.
  • High Rate
    • If area has never received a dust control product
    • If area is high traveled or dusty
  • Low Rate
    • If area is low traffic
    • Follow up application